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 The patients with attrition, periodontal problem, Amelogenesis imperfecta, dentinogenesis imperfect and all patients that missed most of their teeth are candidate for full restoration of oral cavity.

Depending on the condition of the teeth, patient may require treatments like plaque control, extraction of infected tooth, endodontic and crown lengthening surgery or implantation surgery before receiving prosthetic treatments.

In fact prosthetic treatment is the final procedure of dentistry and the condition of mouth should be free from any infections agent.

Etiology of tooth attrition:

  • Missing posterior tooth and chewing by anterior tooth
  • Some habits such as chewing high fiber foods like celery and raw carrot
  • Bruxism and bad habit to press teeth
  • Use of a diet containing carbonated beverages sour food and lemon sucking
  • Untreated gastric reflux

 بازسازی کامل دهان

Patient with attrition in anterior teeth, posterior teeth implant restoration& anterior teeth with PFM restoration


سایش دندان ها - بازسازی کامل دهان

patients attrition with class III, full restoration with PFM and posterior edentulous with implant-PFM


بازسازی دندان های قدامی

Patients with attrition, restoration of mandible anterior teeth with laminate and others with zirconium crown


Amelogenesis imperfecta is a genetic disease that causes defect in enamel and dentine. Most of patients in this type of disease have anterior open bite. In this case they need orthodontic treatment before prosthodontics due to anatomical defect in dentine and enamel these teeth tend to decay and must be treated prosthodontically.

درمان ارتودنسی با روکش های تمام سرامیک

Patients with Amelogenesis imperfecta and incisor open bite that after orthodontic therapy, restored by full ceramic crown 

Patient who are forced to extract their teeth, require fixed or removable implant-based treatment. Type of treatment and number of implant related to patients financial and maxillofacial bone conditions.

درمان بوسیله پروتز با پیچ ثابت

Patients with 4 implant in both jaws and cured by screwed fixed prosthesis


بازسازی کامل فک

Patients with a history of mesenchymal tumor and rotation of whole jaws to each other due to heavy surgeries. Restored by implant-based screwed prosthesis of mandible and PFM prosthesis of maxilla


بازسازی کامل فک بالا با روکشهای متکی بر ایمپلنت

Full maxilla restoration with implant-based crowns


پروتز ثابت

Fixed implant prosthesis in All-On 4 form

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