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Full Ceramic Crown:

Today with development of dental ceramics, various materials are available for preparing ceramic veneers which can be used according to the condition of patients tooth. These materials have high degree of beauty and luminosity. Unlike metallic crown it doesn’t change the color of gum and has adaptation to it.

Restoration with zirconium in maxilla & porcelain laminate in mandible

Veneer porcelain:

This type of treatment is specialized for incisor teeth. Usually impressions are made from teeth then beautiful porcelain is made in laboratory. In the clinical mission, these laminate are cemented in tooth socket. This treatment is useful for patients with diastema, amelogemesis imperfecta. Difference of this treatment with composite veneer is in its esthetic. Surly porcelain laminate is more beautiful but by face to cracking, it must be re fabricated.

Patients with amelogenesis imperfect hat restored with porcelain laminate

Bleaching of tooth (whitening):

Whitening of tooth with weekend acids is done in two steps. First steps is done in dental office and after the primary whitening in order to maintain the treatment, the next step is done at home by patient. If patient minimizes drinking of tea and coffee the possibility of returning treatment is reduced

Bleaching of tooth canal after Endo:

In endodontic teeth which undergo changes of color, they prescribed tooth canal whitening.

Bleaching in office

Bleaching of central tooth canal

Porcelain Inlay and Onlay:

Inlay, Onlay and Endocrowns are esthetic restoration that they also retain the remaining tissue of teeth. This type of treatment prescribed for posterior tooth which require extensive restoration (e.g. composite restoration) or endodontic tooth with proper tissue. 

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