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CAD/CAM (computer aided design/ computer aided manufacturing) technology has been developed to digitize, simplify, and reduce the number of steps required to fabricate dental prostheses compared to conventional methods that are time consuming and tedious and require specialized skills.
Digital dentistry has wide spread application in dentistry. This technology means the use of computers instead of using mechanical and manual devices in the process of making crowns and restorations.
Today different parts of the process are well done by this advanced technology system.

1. Scanning of teeth is done by the oral scanner instead of conventional impression that is discomforted for patients. This method has many benefits including high infection control, comfort for patients and precision in dental recording.

دندان پزشکی دیجیتال


2. In this system, the design of a crown is well done in computer with very high compliance with adjacent teeth.

سیستم طراحی روکش دندان

Milling of crown will carry out by The CEREC milling and grinding units). In addition to increasing the accuracy and infection control, it enhances the speed of creating crown. 

تراش روکش دندان

After complete milling the full contour and polishing of crown, the glazing phase is done.

 دندانپزشکی دیجیتال



In this system various materials are used in the form of blocks which each one has their own usage. After selecting the appropriate block and placing in the machine, it will mill exactly similar to final design.
دندانپزشکی دیجیتال

Implant designing also perform by digital system.

دندانپزشکی دیجیتال



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